The Highest Standard - Night after Night®

  • 7. Sleep physicians issue electronic report with clinical diagnosis & treatment recommendations in as little as 24 hours

  • 8. Sleep physicians can write the prescription for treatment

  • 9. Receive an email notification when the study is complete

  • 10. Login to pm-Assist® to view and download the patient's results, reports, and treatment prescription (optional)

  • 11. Pm-Assist® can coordinate PAP treatment with the individual, ship the flow generator and supplies, and monitor compliance to PAP treatment

  • 1. Collect medical & sleep history when scheduling the at-home sleep study for the individual

  • 2. Upload medical history, questionnaires, and sleep testing data through pm-Assist®

  • 3. pm-Assist® can make the diagnostic pathway determination for either in-lab PSG or home sleep study

  • 4. As an option for clients who do not have their own home sleep testing device, pm-Assist® can coordinate the shipping of a HST device to the individual

  • 5. Registered Polysomnographic Technicians (RPSGTs) validate and score the raw data off the device

  • 6. Our Board Certified Sleep Physicians scrutinize the data & medical history

Consistent Level of Service Nationwide

Pm-Assist® works with multiple sleep apnea diagnostic testing devices

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