The Highest Standard - Night after Night®

pm-Assist® works with the following devices:
  • Watch-PATTM
  • Embletta®
  • Care Fusion T3
  • MediByte®
  • ApneaLinkTM Plus
  • ARES
  • And many more


  • Process is convenient, fast, and effective
  • Diagnostic pathway determination between in-lab PSG or home sleep test services available
  • Seamless online transmission of data through a HIPAA compliant encrypted connection
  • Online tracking, statistical analysis & monthly invoices
  • Reports are available in as little as 24 hours & establish medical necessity for treatment
  • Can review initial, titration, and follow-up/re-eval studies
  • Step-by-step instructions available for easy uploading & downloading of files
  • Treatment prescription services available
  • Shipping services for home sleep testing devices as well as treatment devices also available
  • Consistent level of service nationwide
  • Consultation with physician is available
  • Offer complete program or à la carte service
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